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Posted by phlim2 - November 15th, 2018

So it's been a while since I last touched Newgrounds, and wow how it has changed over the past 6/7 years! Within those 6/7 years though, I feel as though my art has improved. My animations... not so much. I still can't animate for shit through Flash from scratch, lol. v( OuO)v

I'm thinking though... Should I open up commissions? 

Posted by phlim2 - June 6th, 2011

So I've been attempting to make a 3D model of one of my characters, starting at the head.
This is pretty damn difficult... I've tried following tutorials, but they don't seem to help at all.

The results of either tutorial-based or by myself are equally as bad... .___.

Posted by phlim2 - February 22nd, 2011

THIS USER HAS NOT BEEN SCOUTED YET (In regards to my Art Submissions)

I'm slightly confused about what this is. Could someone possibly explain to me, or send a link (if there is one), in regards to this? It only seems to appear on my artwork, rather than my flash and audio submissions. This is why I'm slightly confused.


So here's a 8-bit version of a song I'm covering. It'll be completely done by ear, which is why it's taking me so long to make it. XD Dayum! That solo is hard to hear! D:

If you recognise it, good for you. :3

Anyway, there's a sort-of mini contest with this video. Whoever can create a nice NES version of the image used will get their image posted on the video. Head to the video's main page to grab them images! :D

Posted by phlim2 - October 2nd, 2010

So hey, I've seen a couple of people are offering to help me out with fully animating my latest flash here: My PkMn Yellow Adventure (Part 1). I've sent PMs to these people, but have had 0 replies from them.

If anyone's interested in helping me out, please PM me. :3